Uses the “Portfolio” theme component


  1. Allows you to filter by category and hide the others.
  2. Can assign multiple categories and filtering takes that into account.


  1. A little more involved using the Portfolio component of the theme with some CSS hacking.
  2. Would need to be laid out the way it is now because it's using the masonry component. We can style the buttons or links themselves, but can't really lay them out much differently. The layout options you would have are the number of columns is splits them into…right now just using one column.
  3. Since it uses the Portfolio aspect similar to blog posts, the ordering is done by the publish date.  The publish date doesn't have to display, but it would need one to know what order to be in.
  4. No searching, but no matter what searching would only search file names, it's not scanning PDFs or anything so not sure you really need it.


Filter Articles by Category