SRF events empower communities using academic research

SRF Annual Conference

formerly called NSREC

The largest gathering of diverse professions coming together to learn about signage. We bring retailers, urban planners, designers, architects, engineers, academics, and graduate students to work alongside the sign industry in learning optimal practices in sign regulation, placement, and design.

Where everyone has a voice in respectful dialogue. We learn from retailers, city planners, architects & designers what they most want from their sign industry allies and partners.

Listen. Collaborate. Learn.

“As a planner, it was valuable to hear the perspective of sign manufacturers/fabricators, designers and business owners. Understanding the different professional obligations and expectations is incredibly valuable in developing policy and regulations.”
Kyle Shiel, Senior Planner - Town of Manchester, CT
“It's encouraging to see the unique policy strategies undertaken by cities to enable signage that meets the local communities’ vision. The multitude of these policy strategies ignited my creativity when I returned to the office for projects in progress.”
Daunte Rushton, Sr. Development Project Coordinator - City of Dallas, TX
“NSREC did a great job of exploring the convergence between the sign industry, design and urban planning. It raised thought provoking issues.”
Richard Rogers, Principal - Urban Vantage LLC
“NSREC was outstanding in the way it brought design professionals from many fields together and showed each of us how we can all work together in designing signs and sign Ordinances that promote the public good.”
Kevin O’Brien, AICP, Planner - City of Rahway, NJ
“I enjoyed learning more about sign research and all the executive reports available. I found many of them very informative and have an interest in learning more about the foundation. The NSREC speakers were knowledgeable and informative.”
Mary Hester, Creative Director - Carolina Pride Carwash
“I took away from the NSREC meetings additional information on the viewpoints of sign industry reps on the importance of proper signage and additional information on how the revise signage regulations in my city's Zoning Ordinance.”
Chishaun Smith, Urban Planner - City of Alexandria, VA
University Workshops

SRF completed it's first collaborative workshop with Michigan State’s School of Planning, Design, and Construction. The event was the first of its kind to engage students of planning, landscape architecture, and design to explore and understand the value of signage within their chosen professions. Read about the details.

SRF will be exploring different programs throughout US universities to consider various options that supplement a core curriculum. If you are interested in proposing your school for an SRF program, please contact Sapna Budev.