Request for Proposal

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF) Research Committee performs an annual analysis of the most pressing sign research topics for cities and planners. Occasionally there is a need to do a short-term research project in response to an urgent issue. Please check this page often to view and apply for these research grants.

Process & Timeline

The SRF research committee reviews all new proposals. You may check the status of your submission by emailing after 4 weeks have passed. Once the project is granted, a timeline will be established to ensure all projects are completed within 18 months from the start date.

Available Projects & Submission

SRF research grants are currently available for the following topics:

  1. Consumer Perceptions of Signage
  2. GPS and On Premise Signs – Collaborators or Competitors?
  3. Sign Conspicuity and Legibility

Once you have chosen the research project(s) that best suits your expertise, please fill out the Request for Proposal (RFP) exactly as it appears in the PDF. Incomplete proposals will not be considered for grants. Once completed, please use the form below to submit your proposal.

Original Proposals

We encourage all academics, graduate students, and subject matter experts to propose their own research ideas. All proposals must fit within at least but not limited to one Method of Research and one Focus Area.

Methods of Research
  • Fundamental Research – Research within a University (disciplinary and interdisciplinary)
  • Collaborative Research – University + External Organizations: Development of new methods, innovation, and user experience.
  • Research in Practice – Research by Public Agencies, Non-profits, Corporations, and Consultants: Strategies, methods, models and case studies that apply to the practice of sign design, regulation, placement, and perception.
Focus Areas
  • Consumer Perceptions of Signage
  • Legal Issues in Signage
  • Sign Design Guidelines & Best Practices
  • Sign Materials & Technologies
  • Sign Placement & Legibility
  • Sign Regulation – Guidelines & Best Practices
  • Signage ROI or Economic Value
  • Technical Standards – Illuminance, Energy Efficiency, Structural
  • Wayfinding Best Practices & Case Studies

SRF accepts proposals on new research topics throughout the year. The proposal must follow the submittal instructions and style guidelines. Once your proposal has been completed, please use the form above to submit it.