SRF has three working committees made up of volunteers from various disciplines with a diversity of knowledge and expertise.

Research Committee

SRF’s Research Committee is responsible for providing the SRF Board of Trustees direction and possible opportunities for new research. The committee recommends a framework & guidelines for prioritizing SRF research pipeline, writes RFPs for new research grants as needed, identifies future needs of SRF’s research agenda and recommends an annual budget to the ISA Board of Trustees.

The committee also acts as the final review board for SRF research and recruits subject matter experts (SMEs) for advisory councils who review ongoing research.


Program Committee

SRF’s Program Committee is responsible for recommending possible direction and opportunities for educational opportunities, conferences, and events. The committee establishes and reviews metrics for determining the effectiveness of SRF educational events, defines the knowledge gaps and best practices needed in different professional practices, and recommends/recruits dynamic speakers and thought leaders for all events.

The committee also manages all programs within the annual budget provided by SRF and is responsible for proposing an annual budget for programs and events.


Development Committee

SRF’s Development committee works with SRF staff to develop a plan to set fundraising goals and assess progress towards meeting those goals. The committee establishes fundraising policies, develops an expectation for financial contributions from all members of the Board, evaluates the potential of prospects for increased levels of contributions, cultivates major gift prospects, examines development trends and analyzes their implications for the future.

The committee also reviews options and makes recommendations to the Board on using events to meet fundraising goals and is responsible for recommending an annual revenue goal.